This Video Inspired Me!

I really like this video. Thie first time I saw this was like a year ago, and I watched it over and over again. It looks gay, yes, but I am pretty much that way. But i just wanted to share this with my viewers (if I have any) because it inspired me and it might inspre someone else.

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What do my parents think of me?

I have not told my parents or any of my family that i am bisexual yet. I hear them making fun of gays all the time, I wonder if they would actually accept me as one of their children still. If I told anyone in my family, I know they wouldn’t understand. They would think its weird. I know that some of my friends know this just because they can tell. I’ve never officially told anyone till now that I’m bisexual. I know my mom asked me if I was gay once because she found gay pron on my computer, but I said it wasnt me and I don;t think she believed me cause she always calls me homo. My brother and sister always call me faggot and gay, so I think they know too. I just can’t say the words. I’m also catholic, which means I am not supposed to believe in homosexuality, but what the hell, I can’t help the way I am. Get in this convo…………………


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What Should I Do?

Im trying to figure out whether or not I should post my blog on facebook or twitter. The problem is, none of my friends know I am bisexual yet. I would love for them to know but its hard. This is some advice I need.

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Entry To My New Blog

Hello, my name is Conner and this is my first blog. Ok people reading this right now, If you clicked on my blog, im assuming it was because you are either a homosexual yourself (or some form of homosexual), or you are just curious to why I would start a blog about homosexuals. Well my answer to that would be that I am bi-sexual myself. I am a guy and I like other guys and also girls. I wanted to get this off my chest somehow because I have been hiding it for years which is really hurting me. I want people to know the real me, not the person I wish I was. Just so all of you know, we don’t choose to be this way, we are picked and there is nothing we can do about it. I really hope that you all will leave advice and ask me for advice so that others who need help can look at this blog and ask. If you would prefer to e-mail me, I will try my best to help. You can do this at Thanks for reading the start to my new blog


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