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The Truth

Well I told one of my friends that I was bisexual today, and I got an unusual reaction from her. After I told her, she was like, “I am gay myself”, i was like wow, I never would have guessed and i told the perfect person, I dont know who the next person im gonna tell will be, maybe my sister. I feel so happy that i could get it off my chest. My friend wants me to go to a club with her at my school called Common Grounds, should I do it?


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What do my parents think of me?

I have not told my parents or any of my family that i am bisexual yet. I hear them making fun of gays all the time, I wonder if they would actually accept me as one of their children still. If I told anyone in my family, I know they wouldn’t understand. They would think its weird. I know that some of my friends know this just because they can tell. I’ve never officially told anyone till now that I’m bisexual. I know my mom asked me if I was gay once because she found gay pron on my computer, but I said it wasnt me and I don;t think she believed me cause she always calls me homo. My brother and sister always call me faggot and gay, so I think they know too. I just can’t say the words. I’m also catholic, which means I am not supposed to believe in homosexuality, but what the hell, I can’t help the way I am. Get in this convo…………………


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