About Conner

I am a male teenager, and to be honest, I am bi-sexual. Now for those of you that do not know what this means, it means that I like both males and females. Some of you guys out there may be thinking that I am half gay. That is somewhat true, but it is also not true. I didn’t choose to be like this, it just happens and it runs in the family. I have been hiding this for a long time now, and I just can’t handle it anymore. I had to get it off my chest and this is the way I chose to do it. Now, this blog is about gays, bi-sexuals, and lesbians. If you are too rude to try and help or say something nice, then you need to leave right now. I am just trying to help people like me and how you are going to come out or just cope with being like this. I would also like some advice myself, so if anyone has anything they would like to say that might help, please do not hesitate. If you would like to e-mail me, please do so to Thanks


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