I’m no longer hiding!

OK, now that some people know, im not hiding anything. Like im not trying to act like im not bi or anything anymore. If someone asks im going to try and be honest and say yes I am and im proud to be this way becasue it makes me special and I stand out from everyone else. Lets just hope that will be easy to do.

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Another Person

I told my sisterlast night. I had to force the words out of my mouth which resulted in saying them very loud. Luckily, no one else heard me, so its all good. I had told my sister earlier that I needed to tell her something and she thought I had done something bad. After I told me, she asked me who I had a crush on. I told her no one and she asked me how I knew then. I dont really know how I know, but I do.


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More Viewers

At this time yesterday, their had been like 40 views to my blog. Right now theres only been 15. Whats up with that. I would really like to get more traffic through here, so spread the word about my blog. Ohhhhh, and I need more followers. Pleaseeee….. thank you

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Mom and Dad

This post is not about me being bisexual. This one is about what my parents just said to me. OK, I have a 16 year old sister and a 22 year old brother who still lives at home. They don’t do anything, and my parents always ask me to help them do things. They don’t even bother to ask my perfectly able brother or sister. Well I recently got a job where I work every Monday-Wednesday from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. Because of this job, I am not home from 6:40 in the morning(when I leave for school) and 6:30(when I get home from work). I haven’t been able to do a whole lot around the house because I have homework and a whole lot of other things to do. My mom and dad just told me that I don’t do anything anymore and that all there 3 kids are helpless. I beg to differ, I do everything in this family and they have the balls to go and say that. Hah, Please…….


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I just told a second person what i’m like. She was glad that I could trust her enough to tell her something like this. She said I should have never hid it from her or anyone because it doesn’t change how much they love me or my personality. Thats enough people to¬†tell for a while.

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You Know

You know, Shakespear was supposedly gay. He wrote a love poem to another man. Its a really famous poem that I read in English class, and my teacher told me that funny little fact.

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The Truth

Well I told one of my friends that I was bisexual today, and I got an unusual reaction from her. After I told her, she was like, “I am gay myself”, i was like wow, I never would have guessed and i told the perfect person, I dont know who the next person im gonna tell will be, maybe my sister. I feel so happy that i could get it off my chest. My friend wants me to go to a club with her at my school called Common¬†Grounds, should I do it?


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